Diluted with: Ready to apply
Coverage: 1,5-3 Kg mixture / m2
Obs. Coverage: Guidance value, variable depending on the support and intended texture.
Painting Guide
Painting Guide


Decorative coating mortar ( 2 Component )
Exterior / Interior.
Continuous coating and decoration of concrete, cement, wood, ceramic and metal elements. On vertical and horizontal surfaces. Ideal for decoration of commercial spaces and residences.
Cement-based bicomponent coating, which contains in its formulation polymer fibers, selected aggregates, chemical adjuvants and additives of last generation. Ideal for a renovation of spaces or new works, in concrete, cement, plaster, wood, ceramic elements and metal, where a heterogeneous and smooth finish of a wall or floor, interior or exterior.

Coating Continuous, without joints.
Smooth finish with natural and ecological look.
Excellent resistance to alkalinity.
High mechanical resistance.
Great adhesion to support.
With stainless steel trowel, in 3 coats, with intervals of 24h between coats. Finish 5-7 days later with NEUCESEALING FINISH or NEUCESEAL FLOOR FINISH PU.